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Polaris RZR XP / XPT Big Valve Cylinder Head

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TPR offers a variety of cylinder head options whether you want to purchase a head outright or send in a new or used head as a core exchange, scroll to the bottom for all of the details.

These heads are not sold bare, the only option is with BC valve train installed. Heads are also available with BC or stock cams fully lashed and installed as as add on option. There’s big horsepower gains to be made from proper cylinder porting and TPR Industry's CNC ported cylinder head for the Polaris XP1000 and XP Turbo applications deliver the best flow characteristics in terms of strength, direction, and condition of the air/fuel charge as it enters the cylinder through the intake valve. If you have exceptional charge motion, the cylinder will continue to fill even after the piston hits bottom dead center (BDC) and the air/fuel charge will evenly disperse in the chamber. All of this working cohesively makes horsepower.

TPR has spent weeks hand porting numerous heads, then hours on the flow bench analyzing all of the hand ported chamber and port designs and integrating only the best features into one CNC program to deliver the absolute best cylinder head money can buy. We have done extensive R&D, thousands of miles of testing, both on the dyno and out in the field, in order to determine the absolute best performing combination of parts that also delivers unprecedented durability.

We don’t compromise on quality and these heads are basically works of art compared to other industry offerings, therefore these heads, with TPR’s full 5-axis CNC ported intake, exhaust and combustion chambers, are not sold as bare units. All TPR heads come fully loaded with only the best Brian Crower valve train components, including valve springs wound by PAC in single beehive or dual designs, both featuring extra processing procedures to enhance performance. Your choice of titanium (beehive only) or tool steel retainers, +1mm stainless steel intake valves and Nimonic (Inconel) on the exhaust side in a massive +3.8mm oversize head diameter to greatly enhance the flow characteristics of a factory head that was intentionally dumbed down by Polaris for emissions purposes.

The TPR/BC head package only features 4140 alloy, DLC coated buckets/cam followers...we’ve seen enough worn out/dished buckets to make this a mandatory feature on all TPR/BC head offerings.

Also included - ARP cam cap/cam gear bolt kit, as well as BC custom bronze guides and valve seals.

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